You Design it.
We Print it.


  • Jeannette Layton
    Jeannette Layton

    Thank you for your patience in finishing the order with us. We look forward to using promopays in the future for more orders, and will gladly recommend you to any others looking to do likewise.

  • Esther Moorehead
    Esther Moorehead

    We received the hoodies yesterday, as you promised.
    They look great from the peeking I did in the box ?
    Thank you again for your help with this!

  • Elizabeth Wallis
    Elizabeth Wallis

    We loved your service and so we are hoping you will be able to help accommodate us again!

  • Carol Donovan-McGurk
    Carol Donovan-McGurk

    The t-shirt is EXACTLY what we were looking for!
    Thanks so much for turning this around so quickly!
    I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future orders!

  • Sasha Babakhanova
    Sasha Babakhanova

    We received the bags and they look fantastic. It was a pleasure doing business with you! I hope we have the chance to work together in the near future. Thank you kindly!

  • Bojan

    I really like your site especially the design studio and how its in Canada free shipping everything! Nice!

  • Dante Labriola
    Dante Labriola

    Got the shirts today. Thank you they are brilliant. Many thanks! Kids and staff LOVED them. Well done sir.
    Thanks again!

  • Josh Ford
    Josh Ford

    Hey just recieved the shipment and the shirts look unbelievable! We will definitely be placing more orders in the future. Thanks for the great work!

  • Melissa Fernandes
    Melissa Fernandes

    Received the mugs yesterday. They look good.
    Thanks for your assistance with this project.

  • Alex Pazhyltsev
    Alex Pazhyltsev

    Thank you for your service! I got all of the items.
    Nice doing business with you guys.

  • Michael Schafer (LawnMart Inc.)
    Michael Schafer (LawnMart Inc.)

    The shirts are perfect.
    We’ll definitely be using you again in the future.

  • Holly Winter (St. Stephen’s Community House)
    Holly Winter (St. Stephen’s Community House)

    Thank you again for your professionalism and great customer service. The t-shirts look great. The St. Stephen’s team looks forward to being a bunch of purple people.

  • Sunny Kwon (Preston High School)
    Sunny Kwon (Preston High School)

    We received them and we are extremely exited, thank you!

  • Susan Chamberlain
    Susan Chamberlain

    I received them today.Thanks they look great!

  • Nicole Bléau
    Nicole Bléau

    We received the shirts yesterday and everything seems to be in order. They look great! Thanks for your help.