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We Print it.

PromoPays’ Story

About Us – Our Story

The custom apparel industry has changed in the past ten years and even more so in the past five years and we can share this with our story. Promopays has become one of the leading providers of custom apparel in Canada through its innovation and attention to detail. Promopays continues to post one of the fastest rates of growth as told to us by suppliers. Since we are privately owned by Canadians, this data is not publicly available.

Promopays is a complete custom apparel solution for your needs. We can not only meet but exceed your expectations for screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery. We are located in Mississauga, Ontario where we can assist you in custom design using our online Design Studio or through our graphics staff.

Promopays innovates using some of the newest technology available in the industry. We are committed to research and development to provide the best products for our customers. Our approach is the same for each customer, whether they order one piece or thousands of pieces, we want Perfect Print. This value is instilled in each employee, trying is not good enough, perfection is our goal.

Our unique approach and our results are obviously seen by the marketplace. Promopays has a fast growing list of customers from individuals, schools, universities, small to medium business enterprises, corporations, franchises, governments, charities and non-profits. Once they experience Promopays, we see continued re-orders as we have gained another long term customer.

Our Story & History

Our story began in 2005 when two young entrepreneurs had a vision. They began with just a small t-shirt printing business, the two of them, with a one head manual machine, operating from their basement. The equipment, the location, and the staff have changed and grown exponentially. Promopays has grown, moving to several progressively larger premises, to become your integrated solution for custom apparel with superb customer service.

Promopays was one of the first Canadian companies to follow the development of digital print, waiting for the technology to improve. Once it had been perfected, Promopays embraced it and began its research into how to produce consistent high quality garments.

Vision and Values

Promopays’ vision has remained the same, Perfect Print. It is one that inspires everyone, the owners and each staff member, to reach as high as they can, then reach higher yet again.

The pursuit of perfection is not easy. It involves research, development, communicating with product and equipment suppliers to produce the best product for our customers. It involves creating the best customer online experience from touching our website, its ease of use, content information, Design Studio capabilities to design and modify online, then ultimately to complete a purchase online.

We have provided our customers with a complete self-shop capability or to communicate with us to help them in their needs for design and graphics assistance.

Our customer service staff, sales staff, graphics staff, production and shipping staff, and back office staff all work closely together. It is a tightly knit group that share the same vision and values of honesty, integrity, respect for each other, tolerance, openness and care. We have all experienced in rare cases, customer service excellence. Our goal is we strive to provide that on a consistent daily basis to our customers. We encourage creativity from each of our staff and their ability to contribute in a unique personal way. Their commitment to excellence is respected and rewarded.

We recognize the growing requirement for environmental stewardship and socially responsible behaviour. We use environmentally friendly products where they are available. We have put in place procedures and review processes to minimize environmental damage, to reduce water consumption, to reduce energy consumption, to reduce waste and increase recycling.

Community Involvement

Promopays has a track record of helping to strengthen our communities, through its leadership and involvement in a variety of causes and charities. These can be both formal charities/causes or informal. In addition, we mentor students, through co-op programs, to teach them about how to run business in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

Over the years, Promopays has collected plaques and awards thanking us for our contributions of time, materials or funds. A small portion of these plaques greet visitors to our premises.

“Community” operates in both a larger sense, the Canadian mosaic, as well as locally, in a microcosm. Closer to home, employees have faced situations where they realize they can help others in need. Promopays has the ability to gather resources and apply its strength to helping generate funds or awareness. All of this goes largely unknown, except to the employees.

We are happy to help sponsor events or charities using apparel. We have unique capabilities. If you are interested and have a need, then contact us by email and we can discuss it with you. We hope you enjoyed learning about our story.