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Digital Printing Services – Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)

Digital Printing also known as Direct to Garment Printing

Promopays is one of the first Canadian companies to purchase the most advanced technology in custom apparel decoration, called digital printing.

For digital print the closest analogy is that of an ink-jet printer printing on paper. The paper is brought into the machine and the printer prints one line at a time with different coloured inks. A digital printer works in a similar manner.

Digital printing is best suited for printing on 100% cotton materials. As well, high percentage cotton blends such as 90% cotton/10% polyester can also be used. It cannot be used on 100% polyester garments as the ink cannot be absorbed by the polyester. In the past, digital printing could only be done on white or light coloured garments. In recent years, with technological development, dark coloured garments can now be digitally printed.

With digital printing one garment is produced at a time. As a result, the minimum quantity to be produced is one. The resulting printed garment can have one colour, two, three, or full-colour, all depending upon the artwork supplied.

With highly detailed artwork, graphics, or photographic reproduction on a shirt, we commonly digitally print at 600dpi. We can even print as high as 1200 dpi for museum quality reproductions.

Advantages of Digital Printing

  • Affordability – as there are no set-up costs
  • Quick turnaround time
  • The image is durable and stretchable
  • Higher resolution of print
  • Minimum Order Quantity of 1, rather than 6 for screen printing

Like any new technology, there is a place for it. Digital print is a complement to screen printing and other printing types like sublimation. Digital print will not replace screen printing.

Screen printing is a standard practice in the custom apparel industry. Digital printing is the upstart in the apparel industry, having only been in existence for a few years (relatively). It was in late 2004 that Mimaki introduced the first digital printer. Over the years since, there have been huge technological strides, increasing the speed and accuracy of printing. Digital printing is revolutionary in its simplicity and cleanliness.

Here Is An Example of Digital T-shirt Printing by PromoPays