Where To Order Frosh Week Apparel PromoPays Has It All

The first week at college is an important time. Academically, it is when a first-year student finds his or her way around campus, learns their course timetable and who their lecturers are, and who are the tough graders. Socially, Frosh Week is the time when a college freshman meets their roommate for the first time, where the best frat and sorority houses are and how to score the best pizza.

This is a precarious time. What happens during this week will set the tone for the next four years. For many, it is the first time high school graduates will be away from home and expected to fend for themselves. This is the first big test of parenthood. This is the week when students cry like babies in the privacy of their own room but will act embarrassed and annoyed at any public display of affection on the part of the parent.

Some institutions of higher learning prefer to use the term, “first-year student.” This reflects convoluted reasoning that since frosh is short-hand for freshman, it is gender exclusive. Whatever you choose to call it, frosh week is filled with formal activities to help prepare students for the year ahead. This is the time for pledging fraternities and sororities, special-interest clubs, associations, sport supporters clubs, chess clubs, and other organizations and societies.

One of the main goals of freshman orientation week is to begin to foster team spirit. The point of this is to help students find a place to belong, a group of ready-made friends. Since it is so hard to open up to strangers, team-building is a friendly, low-risk way to start building relationships. Most of all, frosh week is supposed to be fun.

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Frosh week is an important part of being in college. It is a time to meet new friends, find the library, and join groups with like-minded people. Socializing is as much as part of the college experience as books, lectures, and exams. Make sure you are geared up with the best-looking apparel on campus11745837175_291173f69e.