Design Your Own Spirit Wear Today!

As we proceed out of fall into winter and the middle of the school year, things can get a bit dreary. The leaves fall off the trees and the grey of November descends. Aside from a brief Christmas break, the end of the school year is nowhere in sight. While high school can be a challenging time for young people, if you find a way to connect with school spirit and those around you, you might just flip from dreading school to getting excited about it. Here at Promopays, we offer screen printing services for custom clothes and often cater to school clubs and student bodies looking to drum up some colourful spirit and celebrate the high school experience. The high school experience lasts for four years, so you might as well embrace it!

While you may be thinking about team uniforms, what we mean by spirit wear is more casual apparel that shows off school pride or celebrates a big event like graduation. If your school sports mascot is a moose, a beaver or a hawk, you can most definitely upload artwork of the beloved school symbol to our design studio and place it wherever you like! If you’re in charge of making shirts for graduation, you may want to use a funny image from a meme everyone loves, or a catchy slogan that rhymes. Whatever you come up with, our design studio and support team is here every day to help make your vision a reality.

Supporting Creativity With Spirit Wear  

Even if it’s not for a special occasion or a particular club, a great idea to ignite creativity in students is to hold a school-wide t-shirt design contest. This will inspire students to nourish their artistic side and simultaneously bolster school pride, creating a more colourful community environment! You could even sell the shirts to parents and friends of the school at events to raise money for afterschool programs or volunteer initiatives. You don’t need a special reason to celebrate your school’s unique identity, so go ahead and seize the day! Ordering custom hoodies in Toronto is easier than you thought, and no matter how large the order, Promopays can accommodate you with our extensive resources and dedicated staff.

Alumni Pride

Planning a class reunion? Up the ante with a surprise shirt to celebrate the occasion! You can coordinate with friends to chip in and design a shirt that references an inside joke from your senior year. This creates a fun, friendly tone right off the bat and donating a custom gift to the party will spread warmth and good cheer amongst your former classmates. No matter how far you’ve gone in your career and family life, there’s something magical about revisiting those teenage years that seem like forever ago. Class reunions can also be a great place to network, so by bolstering a feeling of camaraderie, you may just drum up some extra business.

Promopays specializes in custom t shirt printing in Toronto, but we ship within two weeks of receiving an order, anywhere in Canada. So, wherever you live, and whether you’re starting, finishing or looking back on high school, we hope you’ll consider spirit wear to brighten your classmates’ day.