Customize Great Alstyle Apparel With PromoPays

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Whether looking for a single custom designed tee shirt, or needing a couple of thousand for a big event, PromoPays can make it happen without breaking the bank. They offer personalized service, incredible pricing, and fast processing and shipping. With a huge selection of sizes, colors, and styles from Alstyle Apparel, there is something to fill most any need.

PromoPays is a full service custom clothing company that offers quality products, designed by customer, at prices that are truly affordable. They do this by cutting out the brokers and the middle man, processing all orders in-house, from beginning to end. This cuts down on manufacturing costs, allowing that savings to be passed on to the clientele.

They own both automatic and manual screen printing machines, all of which are housed within the same warehouse. This is how they can handle an order with one customized item as easily as they able to complete one that contains thousands with multiple sizes and colors. Whether large, or small volume, each customer will get the same great attention and fast turn around on their order.
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They are a premiere custom clothing supplier in Canada because they live up to their reputation for being reliable, affordable, and dedicated to delivering quality service and products. They make it easy, and a lot of fun, for anyone to create their own customized tee shirt designs. The website is designed to be very customer friendly, providing lots of options to help an individual get the precise look they desire.

The process of getting the unique articles of clothing one wants could not be any easier. It is a simple matter of creating an account, design, and check out. The website is set up to carry a customer through each step with clear instructions and flexible options that are easy to find.

There are several options when it comes to what style category one may use, including standard tees, golf shirts, long or short sleeves, round or V-necks, jackets, hoodies, and variations on some. Each of these is available in multiple colors for even more versatility in selection. A full range of sizes are available for men, women, children, and infant, which makes it easy for everyone to get a comfortable fit and join the custom clothing fun.

PromoPays has hundred of stock images, logos, mascots, and photos, that are free to use in one’s own design, though there is always the option for the customer to upload their own, if desired. Adding text is super simple with a variety of different fonts, sizes, and shapes from which to choose. A person can feel free to unleash their creativity to create something uniquely their own.