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Kitchen Craft Tote Bags

Looking for something new to bring to your event? Tired of only giving away custom t-shirts? Well look no further! Get customized tote bags instead!

We had a busy morning working on these tote bags for Kitchen Craft:

IMG_2484 IMG_2485Keep it simple and classy with just your company logo. Great way to keep everything in one place! You’ll be helping out the environment too by providing everyone reusable tote bags!

Cotton Tote Bags

Not that into apparel? That’s no problem! Get your custom designs onto cotton tote bags instead!

Check out this recent print for the Society for Cross-Cultural Research:

IMG_2389We’re reaching far with this one – all the way to Indiana State University!

Tote bags are useful and an easy accessory to carry around! Create your own today!

The Latest of September with PromoPays

Here are a few of the latest prints we’ve done here at PromoPays!

September’s almost done and we’re so excited to see what everyone can come up with for October!

Custom Printed Bags

We’ve got various types of bags you could choose from! From bags for grocery shopping, to casual drawstring bags, you’ve got it!

Here are some custom printed bags we’ve done recently:

Make sure you have your own custom printed bag to carry your treasures and things!

University of Toronto Tote Bags

It’s almost time for a new beginning! School’s about to start and so many organizations are getting pumped and excited! Here are a couple from the University of Toronto who have already begun with their club activity through customized tote bags!

Make sure your clubs and organizations are ready with custom apparel! From bags, hoodies, to t-shirts!

Customized Bags

A quick and easy solution for events, camps, or random give aways: customized bags!

They’re practical and with your very own designs, they can become a great holder of your belongings AND memories!

Here are a few of the bags we’ve worked on recently:

Pacific Rubiales Tote Bags

Tote bags are a great way to expose your brand and company.

Here is an example of a screen printed tote bag.

Screen Printed Tote Bag

Queenie’s Cards

Catch these cuties at the National Stationary Show in New York this year where Queenie Best will be selling these tote bags and other paper goods.

Check out her website for more of her products: Queenie’s Cards


Crafty Bags

Sabrina Chin and Selena Wong are two talented ladies that have collaborated together on these limited edition tote bags.  They will be showing off these tote bags at this years’ One of a Kind Spring Show at the Direct Energy Center. Check out their booth among all the other artists showcasing their craft.   If you haven’t gone yet, the show will run this weekend from 10am – 9pm on Saturday and 10am – 6pm on Sunday.

Sabrina Chin – Love At First Blush

Hand made jewelry 

Selena Wong  – Selena Wong


Tote Bags Galore

iWorld Connect –

iWorld Connect, a premium Apple re seller.  Visit the website for all your Apple product needs.

Zimele Canada –

 A non-profit organization that help the well being of women and people in South Africa.  Their mission: “To confront the root causes of poverty and remove the barriers to self-sufficiency by working with one individual and one community at a time, starting with South Africa. Through the empowerment of each person with the skills, resources, and support networks to start businesses and social service projects, organic development of sustainable living starts to happen from each person, to each family and then the entire community. “

Visit their website for more information and how to get involved in their cause.

Grieving Together –

Grieving Together is a website that helps individuals or families get through over the loss of a loved one.  This organization recognizes and provides support throughout the mourning period.  To know more about the organization and their mission please visit their website listed above.