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Autumn Is A Great Season For Fundraisers

With summer slowly slipping away and a faint chill entering the air, it’s time to put away the summer party times and gear up for the crunch of fall and winter. While people in colder climates – such as Toronto, where we are based – tend to hibernate once the weather turns, folks also seek out a good excuse to have a few drinks and blow off some steam. Even better if it’s for a good cause; fall is the best time of year to throw an ambitious charity event, because people don’t tend to take vacation time in October, but the weather’s cheerful enough that they’ll want to get out of the house and do something fun.

At PromoPays, we’ve worked with many high-profile charities, such as the Salvation Army, St Paul’s Community Housing and Sick Kids Hospital to create awesome custom apparel for charity events and fundraisers. Whether you’re trying to raise money or awareness, creating unique hoodies by seeking custom t shirt printing in Toronto is an effective way to brand the event and send people away with a warm souvenir that serves as a reminder – and perhaps a conversation starter – for years going forward. How great is that?

A good way to plan an event is to provide people with lots of entertainment and activities, even if the activities are silly games like Twister or Ski-ball. There are plenty of hip bars in downtown Toronto that combine great event spaces with bowling, ping pong and even arcade style Mario Kart terminals! If your raising money to increase child literacy or help with HIV research, of course, you’ll want to have some people speak about the cause, but ultimately allowing people to mingle, meet each other and have some fun is going to create a lasting impression. Sending everyone home with a loot bag of keychains, coasters and shirts is a good way to spread awareness regarding the issue you’re fundraising for.

Charity sports events are another great way to raise money and awareness while exercising and staying healthy! In September and October, it’s often easier to book a golf course for the day, since the summer crowds have thinned out a bit. We’ve printed loads of custom hoodies in Toronto over the years for sporting events ranging from ultimate frisbee to basketball and even curling! When people team up for a common cause it truly is a beautiful thing to behold. At the end of the day, there are only winners!

The great thing about providing people with shirts that reflect their values and passions – shirts that hopefully look neat too – is that it’s more interesting than generic brand name clothing that doesn’t say anything about you. In certain circumstances, you may want to blend in with everyone else, but most days it feels good to make a statement and rep your cause!

So, when you’re planning a party or charity event this autumn, consider printing custom shirts to mark the occasion. We offer screen printing services across Canada so whether you’re in Halifax, Nova Scotia, or Victoria, BC, we can get quality shirts shipped to you very quickly, at a reasonable price point.

Custom T-shirts in Canada

Canada-wide Custom T-shirts

Free gifts or promotional products are welcomed by all for any company. When it comes to what kind of promotional items has proved to be the most popular in the market, it is a fact that none can match the cost effectiveness and usefulness of promotional t-shirts. In the recent past, business professionals have understood the fact that custom printed t-shirts bearing the name of the company and its logo can go a long way in making the company known to the large host of prospective customers. However, you must make sure that your custom printed t-shirts are both top-quality and stylish.

What must you do to get such a top-class promotional t-shirt? Surely, there are several companies that promise to deliver high quality custom t-shirts, but few stick to their assurance of good quality and trendy designs. With this is not case! They will ensure that you will get nothing but the best in the market. The custom printed t-shirts provided by them can surely meet all your promotional needs. products are designed by a team of highly experienced on site graphic designers, who provide the best customization possible. Besides, the custom t-shirts are offered in a vast variety of colours and utilizes top quality fabrics to make the apparels last long. is one of the premier shopping malls where you can get custom t-shirts of your choice. The screen printed t-shirts available at this company are made using state of the art techniques and break through technologies to deliver the customers promotional t-shirts they desire. With the help of these latest techniques, strives to provide t-shirts that will be ideal for every occasion. The company provides t-shirts for all needs. Whether you require custom apparel and custom hoodies for sports teams, businesses, day cares, schools or any other promotional event, has the ideal items dished out for you.

The luxury to design your own t-shirts is given to you by Through this you have the last say over the custom t-shirts that you want to gift to your customers. You can design the t-shirts with the colours and designs that you feel will represent your institution’s identity. With its services, has become one of the leaders in the industry for promotional items in the entire country of Canada. To make the shopping experience more pleasurable for their clients, the company allows easy shopping options. Just order for the items and get them shipping anywhere Canada-wide.

In order to provide their clients with the latest products, updates its product list from time to time with the latest designs for custom t-shirts. The t-shirts available at this mall are made for all age groups and they will remain in good condition for quite sometime. Besides, these promotional t-shirts are trendy and you can make heads turn once you don it. Such an exposure will help your company gain prominence and you will definitely end up with a long list of customers. With you get simplified shopping experience, premier selection, competitive pricing and high quality products.

custom t-shirts canada

Clip Art and Design Mascots That Can Be Customized For Apparel Printing At PromoPays

Clip Art Of  T-shirt Designs

Tee shirt printing continues to soar in global popularity. From sports uniforms to social events, you can easily find any clip art of Tshirt designs online. This includes sports themes, along with party themes, animals, cartoons, animals, politics and so much more. With years of extensive industry experience, printing websites allow customers to easily select or upload their favorite vector design files for apparel printing.

Clip art designs come in a variety of styles, colors, and themes. This includes simple black and white templates, which are easier to print and truly pleasing to the eye. There are also intricate designs, which feature multiple colors and plenty of room for personalized text and modifications.

Local printers have the tools and expertise to handle all small and big projects. This includes school team uniform printing, along with shirts for family events, social gatherings, and team building corporate functions. They also feature convenient sites and social media pages with literally thousands of ready-made templates and clip art.

Customers can also place customized requests for unique logos online. Designers are more than willing to create vibrant and eye-catchy designs, logos, and graphics for any t-shirt design. They also utilize cutting-edge and advanced software to ensure timely and precise images at cost-affordable rates.

There are several printing options for clip art designs as well. This includes traditional silk-screen printing, which enables multiple plates of colors to be pressed onto one comprehensive design. There is also iron on templates, along with digital transfers to all desired apparel. Clip art concepts can easily be found at any online t-shirt printing shop or blog for optimal convenience.

No matter which theme or design you need, you can rely on local printers to get the job done right. However, it may be best to simply submit the clip art or graphics you want online. So many t-shirt and apparel printing online stores feature user-friendly submission portals. This allows you to add personalize content, numbers, text, and even select the fonts and colors you want.

Customized tee shirts are a great way to

clip art imagespromote your event or party. They are also a nice way to showcase your team pride and spirit. With so many art samples and templates available, it should not be too hard to find the right designs to meet your need. Local printers also offer discounts on bulk or high volume orders, along with customized requests for corporate and business clientele.

Where To Buy Gildan Hoodies With PromoPays

Hooded tops and sweaters incorporate custom prints without compromised quality or a lack of modern bold color. Attention to detail ensures a quality production with features that produce a striking appeal and the best possible levels of comfort. The Gildan brand has been associated with value for money including responsible manufacture ensuring the well-being of employees, customers and the environment.

When looking for Gildan tshirts it is important to source clothes from a trusted and reputable supplier. PromoPays is a responsible leader in clothing design and production offering quality apparel from socks and tees to shirts, hooded tops and sweats. The clothing line has remained a popular option for many people ensuring the necessary standards in clothes manufacture are implemented.

gildan activewear

Gildan custom shirts are suitable for teams and individuals providing efficient branding solutions without the high costs. It is a suitable option for schools and similar sports groups interested in ordering cost effective apparel without the loss of quality. All tops offer tailored designs that can be purchased easily with online services available all year round.

Rather than visit a conventional store an pay higher costs for customized clothes, it is easier to order Gildan apparel with PromoPays. You will find a wide range of clothing styles including different colors and sizes that allow the best customization of products. There are hundreds of products to choose from making web solutions the easiest and most affordable for all screen and custom prints.

Find what you are looking for with a diverse range of clothes including unisex shirts. Whether looking to produce professional branding or order clothes as a gift, my Gildan produces a wide range of options for customers. These measures can assist in delivering the best results for specific promotional and print needs.

The Gildan cotton apparel can produce a functional and form fitting range including modern styles to suit men and women. Ordering your customized clothes is made easier online minimizing exorbitant store costs and ensuring a quality selection. Different colors, numbers and images are produced on the chosen range for aesthetic and powerful marketing results.

Buy your Gildan Activewear with Promopays today!

Benefits Of Custom T-shirt Designs For Schools

Customization of T-shirts, vests and hoodies is a popular and affordable option for groups and individuals. Selecting or creating your very own logos and art to place on clothing can be achieved quickly and easily with the latest online features. PromoPays design studio offers schools valuable and tailored solutions to develop new and amazing designs for various styles of apparel.

Custom clothing design is a creative, fashionable and affordable production ideal for a range of schooling activities and sports. Local high schools can benefit from online design solutions providing the opportunity to develop T-shirts, hoodies, jerseys and bottoms in personalized colors and logos. With hundreds of designs to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone.good mascots for schools

Apparel for schools must prove cost effective and available for major student groups for a particular event or sports teams. The benefit of creating unique ranges includes ease of identification, unity among learners and brand promotion. It is a popular choice for school leavers offering a piece of memorabilia displaying the class year and a logo of your choosing.

The availability of custom T-shirts for schools online makes it easier and efficient to order and print the desired designs. Web tools and fast processing allows users to create fashionable styles including a choice of clip art and bold graphics. Images and personalized logos can be uploaded and selected for printing on the selected apparel.

The PromoPays Design Studio provides affordable and valuable solutions for school design and print of customized clothing. All that is required is to choose the style of apparel for schools online and to either upload images or create your very own artwork for placement on the items. Submitting your order will take you to a checkout screen where payment can be made securely and conveniently.

With the many colors and graphics to choose from, developing customized clothing for schooling purposes can prove most beneficial. Creating a bold and unique image for members of a sports, art or drama group creates a connection, familiarity and makes teams easily detectable on large fields or concert halls. The great selection of apparel and graphics can produce attractive results at cost effective prices.

Do not hesitate and create your custom designs now. Online orders and the selection of artwork or personalized graphics can satisfy a variety of school needs. Online supportbreast cancer awareness, quotations, and delivery available on all orders will ensure that you receive quality apparel that best reflects custom graphics.

Customized Apparel Builds Confidence And Helps Brings Teams Together

An online, comprehensive design studio is perfect for groups who want customized apparel. Sports teams can create hats, shirts, hoodies and more using the tools that are available. This remains true even for those who have minimal design experience. In a matter of minutes, you can create apparel that every player will love wearing. These products foster team spirit, build confidence and create a sense of unit.

Many team managers opt to purchase their team apparel at a local shop. It is far better, however, to take a more hands on approach and order team apparel online. This will give you access to a far greater range of screen printed items for your team. Canada sports teams can choose from a broad range of high-quality, basic items such as shorts, tees and sweatshirts. They can then personalize these with their sports logos, team names and other identifying information.

It takes almost not time at all to put everything together. Once you have chosen the basic items that you want to build upon, you can upload your team logo or mascot. This image can then be reshaped, resized and otherwise altered to give it the perfect look. Designs can be uploaded in a number of common formats and there are always customers service representative on hand to assist whenever technical problems or questions arise.

If you don’t have a ready-made graphic that you want to upload, you can use the available design tools to create one from scratch. These resources are both intuitive and easy to use and they are guaranteed to make creating your images a stress-free process. You can even turn to members of the in-house design team in order to ensure a look that’s absolutely perfect for your group.

The next step in these efforts is to choose a font style and size for any lettering or wording that you wish to include. You’ll have ample space for adding the name of your Canada sports team, a catch phrase and an image or two. There are also samples and templates online that can be used to determine the best methods for laying everything out and establishing a balanced and easy-to-read look.

Once the design process is complete, you’ll need to proof the product that you have created. This gives you the chance to make sure that everything is perfect before it is sent off to print. After making any corrections or adjustments that need to be made, your product can be forward on to the screen printing department for rapid processing and distribution. This is a very cost-effective way to show team members that they’re appreciated, boost player morale and bring everyone togetherBranding t-shirts,

Procuring Track Pants Through The Online Platform

People are different in terms of taste and preference. This means that what appeals to one individual may not appeal to another. Consequently, this case can be traced to the mode of dressing adopted by different individuals. Not all individuals wear track pants as they go about their daily activities. This form of attire is worn casually and can be utilized for a number of occasions or events such as going to the gym, school team uniform, or as a form of leisure clothing.

Sweat pants are highly preferred due to their durability, which is an attribute that makes them preferable for use in sports activities or conducting exercising. This line of attire has however evolved over the years into an instrumental fashion apparel . Apart from just being utilized in sporting activities; they have emerged as an ideal causal wear, which can be combined properly with sneakers to create an appealing look.

Distinct branding by various companies triggered the diverse uses and popularity of this attire. This made it easy for various consumers to label their attire with their own logo and other characters with an aim of creating identity. Consequently, the market is now flooded with a considerable number of custom sweat pants that represent different companies in various corporate fields.

With the availability of many companies that deal with this particular line of clothing, stiff competition is highly prevalent in the market. This has led to various companies such as PromoPays, which offer online services to a large number of customers. Individuals, institutions or organizations require placing an order with this company by stipulating various attributes such as size, design, fabric, features and color.

The academic field has not been left behind in utilizing this line of fashion apparel. Many colleges or schools have adopted this attire for their school sport teams since they are a great form of dressing for lounging before and after a certain game. They are created in a manner that allows the body to regulate its temperature comfortably since they are usually baggy. In addition, most schools prefer them because they can easily be customized to clearly depict various initials or logos.

Having a common uniform that possesses similar colors and logos brings about union and solidarity between both fans and players. Team managers can easily get the right merchandise for their teams by accessing the PromoPays online platform. The benefit of this utilizing this method of shopping for team gear is that it is not limited to any particular period. Shoppers or team managers can place their order for sweat pants at night or day. Consequently, this saves individuals a lot of time from their busy schedule.

Cheer leading teams can also utilize customized sweat attires before attending games and after plays. Most college institutions have ensured that their cheering squads have sweat pants that complement their team uniforms in terms of team or school colors. Subsequently, the team spirit grows considerably since the cheering squad acts the intermediate between the fans and the players.

Uniformity is quite important when preparing uniforms or rather group attire. Hence, it is important to leave the branding or customization to a single entity, which in this case is Promopays. By letting this company handle all the track attires, you are assured of getting uniform results in terms of the required sizes, color, and design unlike contracting different companies. In addition, PromoPays utilize the latest technology in its operations, which leads to high quality designs that are consistent with customer specifications.

By choosing this firm for customized sweat pants, you are assured of efficient services, since the company deals with proficiently trained employees. These employees possess the right form of training in printing and embroidery activities. Further, their level of experience allows them to execute customer orders within a short period mainly because certain customers place orders that are urgent.

Through the online Design Studio provided by Promopays, potential customers who include school heads or principals can utilize this platform to design their own customized apparel. Individuals ought to sign into a free account in order to gain access to utilize this particular software. Consequently, this software makes it fun and easy for you to customize your attire with a variety of templates that complement various needs for using the attire.

In addition, you are in a position to track your order from the particular moment you send it to this company until the order is shipped to your location. This is quite important for you as a consumer since you are able to identify whether the outcomes match your desires. Further, in case of any delays, you can comfortably identify the reason.

Simple Tips For Creating A Perfect Personalized T-Shirt

Oftentimes, creating a custom t-shirt can be quite complicated for some people. For some of us, the process seems to be so complex that it will even be very hard to put one’s concept onto one’s t-shirt design. Well, the truth is it can be very simple to achieve that perfect personalized t-shirt you have always been dreaming of. All you need to consider are the following pointers:

Always have various design options

Sticking to a single design will end up in a mess simply because you might end up disappointed in the outcome. This is why it will be important to gather your design team so you all can create a version for your masterpiece. When you have choices, there is something that all of you can decide upon and of course, you will always come up with the best choice no matter what. When designing, it will be important to check the graphic placement as well as the font types and ink colours that you are to make use of.

Do not overcomplicate things

If you want everything to be simple, it follows that it will be best not to overcomplicate things. When the design is complicated, it will not fall into place. You do not want too much of every design element incorporated into the shirt. Keeping it simple will help you convey your message.

Let your shirt broadcast a message

One of the most important reasons behind why you may want to have a perfect personalized t-shirt is because you want to send the message across to other people. If you want to achieve that purpose then stick to your message and make sure that it is highlighted in the design. Make sure though that the message is always positive especially if you are fighting for a certain cause.

Incorporate humour into the whole idea

When sending your message to anyone who sees the t-shirt you are wearing, it will be good to incorporate clever humour into the design. Clever humour is one that is non-offensive at all. It should make your ‘audience’ laugh in a positive way and must not contradict with the shirt’s purpose.

Make sure your colour choices work

Do not think of a personalized t-shirt that will work for you alone. This is for the whole team to make use of thus it will be good to go for safer colors. Make sure that the design colour is also easier to read thus it must not have the same hue as that of your base shirt. It will be good to contrast dark with light and vice versa.

Remember about image resolution

If you are done with the brainstorming and all facets of the process, you are just about ready to send your design to your choice of provider who will be printing the shirt for you. When you are about to upload your image, make sure that it is in higher resolution. This will look better on the shirt later on, once the design is printed.

Things do not have to be difficult when it comes to creating a perfect custom t-shirt. Work with a superb T-shirt printer today and you will realize how easy it is to create a custom tee for yourself!

Top Tips To Keep Your Custom T-Shirts Looking Great

There are a number of concerns that people express when buying custom clothing, and mostly they have a lot do with clothing material, ink quality, type of fabric and design among others. Well, although reputable T-shirt printing companies put in a lot to ensure that their customers get the best products, you are the one who have to put in effort to keep your custom clothing looking great for longer. Here is a look at some of the most effective steps in taking care of your custom T-shirts:

Flip your tee before you wash

It is important to flip your T-shirt inside-out before washing it. This is because it goes a long way to protect the designs printed on your T-shirts from abrasion. Abrasion usually results from things such as zippers. When you flip your T-shirt inside-out before washing, you will also reduce the amount of lint that comes into contact with the exterior of your T-shirt. In that case, the first rule for taking care of your custom T-shirt is flipping it inside-out before washing.

Avoid bleach if possible

In some cases, your custom T-shirt may end up with a large stain. This may easily tempt you to use bleach to remove the stain. However, you should hold off and instead apply plenty of clothing detergent on the area that has been stained before settling for the bleach. This goes a long way to reduce any possibilities of fabric damage, discoloring and other effects. If the stain comes out just by using laundry detergent, do not even bother with the bleach. Just leave it for particularly stubborn stains.

Cold water for washing

Some people use warm water to wash their custom T-shirts in Toronto. This is not recommended for custom T-shirts because it makes it easy for fabric color to run off during washing, which may end up running on other clothing articles and make them look less appealing. However, using cold water to wash your T-shirt prevents this occurrence and protects your clothing from damage. In fact, clothing does not shrink that much in cold water as compared to warm water. Many types of stains are usually removed effectively in cold water.

Hand drying works better

Whenever you have the chance to do so, always hand dry you r custom clothing because it helps keep it looking great for long. Moreover, hand drying is one of the effective ways of cutting down on energy bill. Hand drying simply reduces the amount of clothing shrinking that occurs in drying machines that also leads to damage.

You can always keep your custom T-shirts looking great. All you need to know are a few basics steps that prevent clothing shrinking, fabric discoloring and any other kind of clothing damage. In instances where you have no other choice but to use a dryer, it is important to ensure that your clothing is turned inside out. In addition, ensure that there is a perfect balance between the level of heat and drying duration to keep your custom T-shirt from overly shrinking.

Removing Tags From Your Custom Tee

Many people do not like the idea of having tags sewn onto their garments. Some consider them a nuisance and try to find ways of removing the tags from their clothing without causing any kind of damage. Everyone knows that tags can make you itch in a way or even hang out of your clothing making you a walking advertisement. Luckily, there are safer ways of getting rid of the tags from your custom tee. The following are simple steps that you need to follow when removing tags from your custom tee or any other clothing.

Find the location of the label

Clothing tags are usually made of varying materials, which are sewn onto your custom tee in a number of ways. That means you have to be particularly careful when removing the tags otherwise you will end up tearing your favorite clothing. In that case, you need to find an effective seam ripper and locate the label. It is important to work with the best approach, which involves finding a suitable entry point that will give you an upper hand when you start working. Take note of the type of tag (its material make-up and other features). Tags can be made of fabric or rigid paper-like material.

Determine if there are multiple tags

Sometimes, you may have to deal with more than just one tag. In that case, it is necessary to determine whether your custom Tee has a single tag or multiple tags. There are a number of ways that multiple tags can be sewn onto your clothing. Some tags are usually sewn side by side while others are sewn on top of another tag. You can also find tags stacked on your custom tee. When working on multiple tags, always start with the top one.

Checking the seam closely

It is also important to pay attention to the tag and the seam. Try to determine how the label has been sewn onto the clothing. Some tags are usually sewn on the main seam holding your custom tee together. That is why you need to pay close attention to the threads because pulling out a thread recklessly could lead to clothing damage. If this is the case with your clothing, do not use a seam ripper. The best alternative for this type of tag is cutting it off close to clothing seam. This will simply leave a stitch of the tag behind, which should not be cut.

Working with a seam ripper

When picking out the tag using a seam ripper, you need to start off by gently pushing its tip under a single stitch. In addition, the seam ripper should be resting on top of the tag instead of the other way round. Once you have pushed the tip of the seam ripper into a single stitch, you should gently pull it up. The seam ripper will easily cut through the thread and as you work your way through the other stitches, you will be able to remove the tag without damaging your clothing. Therefore, if you like working out with your custom sweatshirts, you no longer have to worry about tags because you can simply remove them.