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Autumn Is A Great Season For Fundraisers

With summer slowly slipping away and a faint chill entering the air, it’s time to put away the summer party times and gear up for the crunch of fall and winter. While people in colder climates – such as Toronto, where we are based – tend to hibernate once the weather turns, folks also seek out a good excuse to have a few drinks and blow off some steam. Even better if it’s for a good cause; fall is the best time of year to throw an ambitious charity event, because people don’t tend to take vacation time in October, but the weather’s cheerful enough that they’ll want to get out of the house and do something fun.

At PromoPays, we’ve worked with many high-profile charities, such as the Salvation Army, St Paul’s Community Housing and Sick Kids Hospital to create awesome custom apparel for charity events and fundraisers. Whether you’re trying to raise money or awareness, creating unique hoodies by seeking custom t shirt printing in Toronto is an effective way to brand the event and send people away with a warm souvenir that serves as a reminder – and perhaps a conversation starter – for years going forward. How great is that?

A good way to plan an event is to provide people with lots of entertainment and activities, even if the activities are silly games like Twister or Ski-ball. There are plenty of hip bars in downtown Toronto that combine great event spaces with bowling, ping pong and even arcade style Mario Kart terminals! If your raising money to increase child literacy or help with HIV research, of course, you’ll want to have some people speak about the cause, but ultimately allowing people to mingle, meet each other and have some fun is going to create a lasting impression. Sending everyone home with a loot bag of keychains, coasters and shirts is a good way to spread awareness regarding the issue you’re fundraising for.

Charity sports events are another great way to raise money and awareness while exercising and staying healthy! In September and October, it’s often easier to book a golf course for the day, since the summer crowds have thinned out a bit. We’ve printed loads of custom hoodies in Toronto over the years for sporting events ranging from ultimate frisbee to basketball and even curling! When people team up for a common cause it truly is a beautiful thing to behold. At the end of the day, there are only winners!

The great thing about providing people with shirts that reflect their values and passions – shirts that hopefully look neat too – is that it’s more interesting than generic brand name clothing that doesn’t say anything about you. In certain circumstances, you may want to blend in with everyone else, but most days it feels good to make a statement and rep your cause!

So, when you’re planning a party or charity event this autumn, consider printing custom shirts to mark the occasion. We offer screen printing services across Canada so whether you’re in Halifax, Nova Scotia, or Victoria, BC, we can get quality shirts shipped to you very quickly, at a reasonable price point.

The Value Of Effectively Branding Your Charity

When creating and sustaining the force and effectiveness of a charity, visibility is a highly relevant factor that people in administrative positions ought to keep in mind; in order for an impact in the world to made, funds must be accumulated. However, this flow of monetary resources can only be consistent so long as people continue to donate and, in turn, remember to donate again. Attracting donors in the first place is a difficult task reliant upon an array of cues that can be deemed attractive and significant by large demographics of people. First and foremost, this typically appears on visual registers: people must literally be able to see that you are a part of a distinct nonprofit organization.

In other words, branding is integral to the livelihood of a charity or similarly beneficent organization and, therefore, there are a number of benefits to strategically keeping your nonprofit afloat by way of strategic marketing. The following will briefly outline exactly what this value is and how to set out a few feasible goals.

Visibility Means Being Eye-Catching For The Public

The general public is always in a rush and, in this way, potential donors are primarily going to be reluctant, especially if they can’t immediately get a feel for who you are and what you or your employees represent. A catchy logo or uniform, then, is absolutely called for. Take, for example, the unmissable branded smocks worn by representatives (namely, street canvassers) of organizations like Because I am A Girl, which attempts to advance equality for girls around the world through monetary support – they are, undoubtedly, one of the most recognizable charities via their distinct blue and pink colour scheme, as well as their use of distinguished fonts and a tasteful, yet succinct logo design. With an example of this caliber it is, indeed, important to maintain a consistent brand identity, and this is done primarily through imagery and colour.

With this in mind, it’s necessary to seek out the services of talented and reputable apparel providers; with PromoPays and the manifold products offered, you’re guaranteed clothing for your nonprofit that can not only take quite a bit of wear and tear, but also look good and indistinct while serving to expand your brand – our designs are screen printed, which means they are meant to last and look as brilliant as the day your charity received them for years to come. This means the charitable services you offer will stand out to the public’s discerning eye.

Clothing And Uniforms Are Signposts For The Public

Beyond visibility alone is the question of what is being made visible – once you’ve caught the eye of the public with a cutting-edge t-shirt design with a unique colour scheme, branding only unfolds from there. This is where logos come in handy. Style is, of course, one of many ways by which we can demonstrate some idea of expressiveness. By wearing vibrant outfits, for example, you may be trying to say that you are colourful person with a charming disposition. Not only does one’s clothing or look have the capacity to speak volumes about an individual’s personality, these items will say a great deal about organizations as a whole, simply through the uniforms they employ. On a more general level, it’s often forgotten that having an aesthetic edge or sense of taste shows that you care about how your nonprofit is perceived by the world at large. In addition to being immediately eye-catching, your organization’s design choices must be able to appropriately show itself off in a professional manner.

With this in mind, there’s no reason to avoid elaborate and imagistic clothing. Looking professional, indeed, means using cutting-edge logo designs and, luckily, doing so is easy, affordable, and long-lasting – you can, for instance, check out our most popular products and, without fail, find the reassurance you’re no doubt looking for.

Additionally, by making use of your own creative ideas, alongside our online Design Studio, you can create the ideal – and very much unique – logo for your nonprofit, one that will be distributed and shared across multiple platforms.

You can think of PromoPays, then, as a service that offers the tools needed for effective marketing. In any case, if you’re still debating whether or not you should make use of an online retailer to build your brand, as opposed to something more familiar, it’s helpful to consult testimonials from past customers and the various reviews that are, no doubt, accessible to you within a few clicks.

No matter your choice, it’s important that you keep in mind the value of branding if your charity and/or nonprofit is to stay afloat in this highly-competitive, but nevertheless, benevolent industry.


Easily Creating The Right Cancer T-Shirts

custom T-shirts for World Pride By PromoPaysEasily Creating The Right Cancer T-Shirts

Contending with health risks and illnesses of any kind can prove to be an ongoing and difficult struggle for anyone. There are quite a few illnesses that are known to exist that create a significant amount of struggle and complication for the patient as they can be life altering and require as much encouragement and support as possible. People that are considering this particular item should know the basics of easily designing the right cancer t-shirts to give to patients.

People dealing with cancer often find themselves surrounded by a tremendous amount of support and encouragement. Patients that are undergoing the difficult treatment are often aware of how complicated this struggle is while the people in their lives are known to understand what the person is going through. The purchase and gifting of a shirt of some kind is quite common among supporters of victims for a multitude of reasons.

People that are dealing with this particular issue are known to have all kinds of options available in which o shop from. People are often unclear of what should be utilized when trying to determine what particular items should be considered for their creativity based needs. Making this decision in an easy manner is performed by focusing on several facets of consideration.

People are often known to begin this effort by initially determining what has been created in the past. Benchmarking popular ideas is helpful in making sure that any type of cancer suffered from is associated with specific colors and themes that are universally associated with them. Consumers usually discover this information through valuable websites and from templates that are offered from the creator of the items in question.

The actual type of cancer that the shirt is being created for should also be carefully considered. Many illnesses are more prone to men or women while also being related to various sponsors and celebrities that people wish to relate to on multiple levels. Focusing on these common associations ensures that any facets of the purchase are as successful as possible.

The medical facility that the patient attends for their treatment effort should be mentioned and advertised during this effort. Various affiliations and centers that offer the therapy needed should be at least mentioned to help promote their services and provide some type of appreciation for the work they are doing. Simply providing a basic address and phone number is all that is necessary in this process.

People are also known to focus heavily on quality as part of this consideration. Quality is essential as it helps to ensure that the recipient is able to wear their items proudly while still battling with their illness. The highest quality materials possible should always be closely considered.

The right cancer t-shirts are only often chosen if they are affordable. People that make this purchase are often doing so for a larger group of people which can be difficult to pay for over time. The lowest possible costs for the best quality and highest number should be given top consideration.