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Celebrate Summer’s End With Custom Clothing

Summer is a great time to explore your hobbies and find like-minded individuals to share your passion with. Here in Canada, where our lives are ruled by the changing of the seasons, summer is an extremely busy time to socialize and bond with friends over shared interests. Whether those interests happen to be more athletic – ultimate Frisbee; beer league – or intellectual – learning a new language; playing chess in the park – people tend to take a bit more time for activities that make them happy in the warmer months. So whether you’ve been embarking on epic canoe trips, playing baseball with your buds, or staying inside with a slew of board games this summer, now is the time to order custom sweaters in Toronto to celebrate your hobby and the season’s end.

In the colder months, it’s common to reminisce about all the fun you had last summer and start to plan for next summer. If you have a custom sweater with a cool custom logo for your Ultimate Frisbee team, you’ll have a memento that will warm your body and your heart. Additionally, people will ask about the unique garment, and you’ll have an opportunity to share stories from your awesome summer. If you collected money from everyone in your Ultimate Frisbee league, you could order custom hoodies for the entire league to bolster a collective pride. It’s a pretty cool feeling when you see someone walking down the street wearing the same custom sweater as you and you automatically high-five. It’s like being in a secret society!

At PromoPays, we’ve built up our resources and facilities over the years, so that we can handle massive orders and have your custom apparel to you in two weeks. Our consistency, customer service, and our unmatched drive to produce great looking custom apparel make us the obvious choice when you want to print custom hoodies in Canada this summer.

Another great reason to get on the custom sweater wagon in time for the end of summer is that you’ll need warm clothes to get you through winter anyway. Why buy a boring, plain hoodie, when you can have something that reflects your unique personality and interests? In the sweatshirt category alone, we have thirty-five different styles to choose from, including collegial athletic styles, fleecy outdoor apparel, and comfy hoodie for lounging around at home. Whatever colour or style you seek, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve browsed through the different styles and determined the look you’re going for, you can also use our online design studio to bring your vision home. We encourage our clients to summon their inner artist and craft a cool design with our intuitive online tools, but we also offer a wide range of standardized designs for every occasion and theme.

Finally, although, our website is designed to walk you through the process from inception to ordering, we also provide hands-on customer service throughout the process. Whether you want to chat online, or call us up, we have representatives who will be there every step of the way to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want – when you call us to place an order for hundreds of hoodies for your summer camp, we want to make sure you’re comfortable and reassured that you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

Look Sharp On The Job: Custom Apparel & Your Business

With summer kicking into high gear here in Toronto, Canada, seasonal entrepreneurs need to capitalize while the going’s good to fill their bank accounts for the long winter on the horizon. Whether you run a small summer business as a side-gig, or work painting houses or landscaping between semesters at university, you know that summer is an extremely busy season for outdoor manual labour. Working jobs that require intense physical labour in the summer can be extremely rewarding: you get to work in the open air, get fit, joke around with friends and tumble into bed bone tired at the end of the day feeling like you really earned your paycheck. These types of jobs can build character and help young people develop a good work ethic and practical skills that will be extremely useful down the road. As one of the leading providers of custom apparel in Canada, we’re proud to have provided services for many seasonal, labour based businesses. By printing custom hoodies and t shirts in Toronto for your independent businesses, you’re fostering professional pride and also promoting your business in a grassroots way by getting your name and logo out into the world!

If you stick to the mindset that your house painting business is just a way to make a couple extra bucks in the summer, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, by taking the time to properly brand your small business and aspiring to expand your customers, your staff and thereby your revenue, you can take steps towards making a living. In our current era, job markets are getting trickier and trickier, however, for detailed manual labour such as landscaping and renovating, there will always be a demand. Enlisting custom screen printing services in Canada and crafting a slick logo for your company could be the first step in a lucrative career as a contractor. The city of Toronto promises to absorb between 100,000 and 200,000 citizens every year for the next several years, so there will be plenty of demand for experienced labourers and contractors.

When you order custom hoodies in Canada from outside of Toronto, of course, we can also have them delivered, as long as the order is placed two weeks before the date you hope to receive them. We’ve done work for large contracting companies like Flynn in the past – a good example of a contracting company operating on a huge scale – and sent our product all across the country, to excellent results and total customer satisfaction.

If you’re worried about creating a design for your company because you’ve never done that kind of thing before, fret not. Our intuitive, easy to use design lab makes it fun to design shirts that your employees and clients will love. With computer technology, making the vision in your head a reality and refining it is easier than ever before, so don’t hire a fancy graphic designer to do the work for you, roll up your sleeves and summon your inner artist!

At Promo Pays, we also produce a tremendous amount of custom varsity team or club shirts for intramural leagues, clothes for charity events, school clubs, graduations, the list goes on and on! So whatever it is that you do, do it in an awesome, custom t-shirt, and show the world what you’re all about!

2 Ways Businesses Benefit From Unique Uniforms

Dress codes are, in many cases, difficult conundrums for those in managerial positions. Be it a restaurant – either high-end or fast casual and the like – or an everyday retailer, a lot of choices must be made in regard to the apparel that is going to be representative of your enterprise. Indeed, determining what kinds of clothing your employees could or should be wearing depends on a number of factors, from the nature of your business, all the way to branding and image and, in many cases, accessibility issues (such as body type, allergens, and so forth). The ever-changing nature of personal preferences is also something that needs to be accounted for. However, it doesn’t always have to be this difficult; by taking on a single option, you can make your business function smoothly.

With these many factors in mind, a bit of research is called for. But in any case, businesses can easily benefit from uniforms in a number of ways. The following will outline some of the positive aspects of having a single dress code for businesses of any variety.

  1. Uniforms Can Be Fun And Unifying

It’s too easy for employees to become stressed out about what to wear to work and, as a result, a lot of time can be put to waste while people scrounge for appropriate outfits. With a uniform – for example, a custom sweater or jacket – you can save employees the hassle of having to account for and stress over their appearance each and every day. By simply laying down guidelines about what to wear, and ordering enough for everyone, you can optimize productivity in your working environment, all the while boosting morale. So too does this extend to one-off events, like an obligatory Casual Friday.

Even if you don’t think it’s appropriate to maintain a rule for each day of the week, just about any business can make use of custom-designed apparel for selective events. For instance, if you have an upcoming theme day at your office, having each employee tote a custom image printed directly onto their clothing via PromoPays and our high-quality service technicians, who work to bring you the best possible uniform solutions; this can be the perfect way for your office to show enthusiasm and a light-hearted attitude, while nevertheless making it easy for everyone to participate.

  1. Uniforms Can Be The Secret To Healthy Morale

It’s no secret that uniqueness is a difficult endeavor; with the advent of the internet, images spread hundreds of times faster than they used to; with this in mind, it’s difficult to be totally individualistic or original when it comes to what is printed on your staff’s uniform. This is particularly true of so-called custom-designed apparel agencies that are only able to offer rehashed stock images. By using, instead, a service – like that of PromoPays – that offers the flexibility of creating your own logo, effective and creative branding is only a few clicks away.

Indeed, customizability is taken to its very limits with our online Design Studio, which gives you the option of not only uploading your own images, but also the ability to manipulate colours and various layers of the file itself. It is, in other words, a lot like having an immediately accessible – and free – version of Photoshop that can actualize your business’s branding and marketing dreams in mere moments. With our services, you can have a completely original – and interesting – uniform for your staff ready quickly. This kind of creativity can make employees feel one-of-a-kind, while nevertheless making it simple for them to dress professionally.

In short, if you’re hoping to boost your staff’s morale and optimize your clientele’s perception of the business itself, it might be time to revolutionize the aesthetics of your business by using the latest custom apparel technology on the market. With uniformity – but nevertheless, a creative and edgy design – you’re bound to increase the visibility of the services you offer.

So, if you’re ready to take the next steps needed to look and feel good about your business, contact us to learn more about the many possibilities waiting for you in the fascinating world of custom graphics and print culture. Not only can you look like a unique enterprise, you can present yourself as an innovative business and inspire customers and employees alike with a single glance.

Custom T-shirts in Canada

Canada-wide Custom T-shirts

Free gifts or promotional products are welcomed by all for any company. When it comes to what kind of promotional items has proved to be the most popular in the market, it is a fact that none can match the cost effectiveness and usefulness of promotional t-shirts. In the recent past, business professionals have understood the fact that custom printed t-shirts bearing the name of the company and its logo can go a long way in making the company known to the large host of prospective customers. However, you must make sure that your custom printed t-shirts are both top-quality and stylish.

What must you do to get such a top-class promotional t-shirt? Surely, there are several companies that promise to deliver high quality custom t-shirts, but few stick to their assurance of good quality and trendy designs. With this is not case! They will ensure that you will get nothing but the best in the market. The custom printed t-shirts provided by them can surely meet all your promotional needs. products are designed by a team of highly experienced on site graphic designers, who provide the best customization possible. Besides, the custom t-shirts are offered in a vast variety of colours and utilizes top quality fabrics to make the apparels last long. is one of the premier shopping malls where you can get custom t-shirts of your choice. The screen printed t-shirts available at this company are made using state of the art techniques and break through technologies to deliver the customers promotional t-shirts they desire. With the help of these latest techniques, strives to provide t-shirts that will be ideal for every occasion. The company provides t-shirts for all needs. Whether you require custom apparel and custom hoodies for sports teams, businesses, day cares, schools or any other promotional event, has the ideal items dished out for you.

The luxury to design your own t-shirts is given to you by Through this you have the last say over the custom t-shirts that you want to gift to your customers. You can design the t-shirts with the colours and designs that you feel will represent your institution’s identity. With its services, has become one of the leaders in the industry for promotional items in the entire country of Canada. To make the shopping experience more pleasurable for their clients, the company allows easy shopping options. Just order for the items and get them shipping anywhere Canada-wide.

In order to provide their clients with the latest products, updates its product list from time to time with the latest designs for custom t-shirts. The t-shirts available at this mall are made for all age groups and they will remain in good condition for quite sometime. Besides, these promotional t-shirts are trendy and you can make heads turn once you don it. Such an exposure will help your company gain prominence and you will definitely end up with a long list of customers. With you get simplified shopping experience, premier selection, competitive pricing and high quality products.

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Tips On Generating Clever Ideas For Company T-shirts

Tips On Generating Clever Ideas For Company T-shirts

Using the published name of your business is perfectly alright but something catchy that instantly brands your business keeps people calling you back time and again instead of calling your competition. Here are a few ideas on the parts and pieces to explore in coming up with that clever idea for you company t-shirts.

Plumbers use wrenches to stop leaks, electricians keep the lights and appliances operating, and roofers halt the rain from dripping into homes. Think about a cartoon character showing a plumber confidently looking at the water leak in one frame and smiling broadly in the second frame with the leak stopped and the water flowing where it belongs. Similar cartoons work for electricians and roofers showing their success, too.

A trucker hauls everything imaginable. Online photo software makes it possible to change the shapes of objects and make trucks look even more powerful than they already are. If keeping with the idea of a cartoon, slightly modify the front grill of the truck to look as if it is smiling and happy to be of assistance in moving you and your family across town, or across the country.

Accountants deal with numbers while doctors keep families healthy. A T-shirt with numbers and question marks dancing above his or her head helps identify with bookkeeping. Stethoscopes, tongue depressors and band-aids depict the message to create your professional branding using online software. Most people can not resist reading a short cartoon that makes these ideas more helpful in branding your business.

Computer Technology involves every aspect of daily life from computer technicians to high-speed, high-volume systems and computer programmers. Clip art of an assortment of devices, computer parts and pieces, and lightning streaks from one high wire telephone pole to another or WiFi tower work for these cartoons.

Cartoon characters for carpenters, heavy construction equipment and bridge builders bring a long list of ideas to mind, and any of them provides instant recognition when people see them printed on the front of business T-shirts. If free clip art is not quite what you want, a graphics artist can quickly modify them to fit your needs.
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If cartoon ideas are not to your liking, just ask for a quote from the professional artist team by using some of the clip art to help get them started. Working together brings both brilliant minds and ideas to light. The important thing is to have an image that reflects your expertise and stays in the minds of those who read your business shirts.