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Tips On Generating Clever Ideas For Company T-shirts

Tips On Generating Clever Ideas For Company T-shirts

Using the published name of your business is perfectly alright but something catchy that instantly brands your business keeps people calling you back time and again instead of calling your competition. Here are a few ideas on the parts and pieces to explore in coming up with that clever idea for you company t-shirts.

Plumbers use wrenches to stop leaks, electricians keep the lights and appliances operating, and roofers halt the rain from dripping into homes. Think about a cartoon character showing a plumber confidently looking at the water leak in one frame and smiling broadly in the second frame with the leak stopped and the water flowing where it belongs. Similar cartoons work for electricians and roofers showing their success, too.

A trucker hauls everything imaginable. Online photo software makes it possible to change the shapes of objects and make trucks look even more powerful than they already are. If keeping with the idea of a cartoon, slightly modify the front grill of the truck to look as if it is smiling and happy to be of assistance in moving you and your family across town, or across the country.

Accountants deal with numbers while doctors keep families healthy. A T-shirt with numbers and question marks dancing above his or her head helps identify with bookkeeping. Stethoscopes, tongue depressors and band-aids depict the message to create your professional branding using online software. Most people can not resist reading a short cartoon that makes these ideas more helpful in branding your business.

Computer Technology involves every aspect of daily life from computer technicians to high-speed, high-volume systems and computer programmers. Clip art of an assortment of devices, computer parts and pieces, and lightning streaks from one high wire telephone pole to another or WiFi tower work for these cartoons.

Cartoon characters for carpenters, heavy construction equipment and bridge builders bring a long list of ideas to mind, and any of them provides instant recognition when people see them printed on the front of business T-shirts. If free clip art is not quite what you want, a graphics artist can quickly modify them to fit your needs.
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If cartoon ideas are not to your liking, just ask for a quote from the professional artist team by using some of the clip art to help get them started. Working together brings both brilliant minds and ideas to light. The important thing is to have an image that reflects your expertise and stays in the minds of those who read your business shirts.