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How To Make Your Intramural Team Feel Like The Big-League

We all know that organizing the new rec league or intramural team ‘jerseys’ can be a drag! It can easily feel like a trying task with little payoff. But getting the whole team some budget-friendly team T’s, Hoodies, or other custom t shirts can really add to the fun for everyone. It’s perfect for a lot of different occasions, especially if you’re going to be:

Fake It Till You Make It – Go For Big League Marketing

Even if it isn’t really in your budget, taking the game seriously and marketing it like you would for a group of professional players can make your buddies feel like a dream team! With the right custom t shirts you’ll feel like you just signed a million-dollar contract. Not only is it more fun when you dress the part, you’ll be more visible while playing.

The perfect set of T’s will make you and your friends feel like the stakes are higher. Dressing in custom uniforms creates feelings of unity, whether or not they are t shirts or sweaters or other kinds of sporty apparel. So long as there is a cool design, your team will be dressed to impress. And, when it comes to all things promotional, PromoPays has got your crew covered. It’s true that if you can look the part, you might just be able to feel it, too. Looking good and feeling excellent is as easy as a few clicks when you order from PromoPays! You’ll be ready for the next game in no time at all and your team will feel the power of your new swag!

Show Off Your Team’s Creative Side

It’s true that you’d much rather spend your time playing sports than marketing your brand, but with custom t shirts Toronto sports enthusiasts can have it both ways. While showing off your marketing skills may not always be the most exciting thing to do, creating custom logos and merchandise can actually be a really fun and creative moment in the otherwise boring pre-season list of admin tasks. Luckily, PromoPays offers many original options when it comes time to finally decide how you want your team to look on the field or court.

The beauty of custom-designed team uniforms is that it truly brings out the joy of team spirit – with everything from polos to high quality custom jackets and other types of outerwear, you can brand your team as you see fit, while keeping them comfortable. This means that our custom t shirts are perfect for indoor basketball or floor hockey games, but also for outdoor events like fun runs or fall flag football season! The apparel itself comes in many sizes, so it’s both kid-friendly and ready for the huge linebackers in your rec league. We have so many creative options with our signature Design Studio – the sky’s the limit.

By wearing your own custom-made t shirts, your team will want to play for many years to come. Hopefully, with your new uniforms, you’ll be able to win a few tournaments along the way. So, if you’re ready to take your intramural or beer league to the next level, you can easily call us to learn more about our many services and products.