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Design A Spring Tee For Your Club Or Team!

Here at PromoPays custom apparel, we put a lot of value in the power of creativity. Each member of our staff is encouraged to bring their individuality and personal quirks to work to make our office environment positive, productive and friendly. This emphasis on creativity is a reflection of the product and experience that we provide our customers: we love to see orders with strange and brilliant designs, and we relish the opportunity to print one-of-a-kind T-shirts that will make people do a double take when they pass you in the street.

If you’ve been involved with an extra-curricular club at school this year, such as jazz band, theatrical society or after school ball hockey, it’s probably brought you a lot of joy and helped provide a sense of community and friendship. As the year-end approaches, a great way to celebrate your community and all you’ve accomplished together is to design custom hoodies or tees for everyone involved.

While it may not seem like a big deal, having custom clothes to remember the good times you’ve had – playing music or scoring goals – can actually bring a lot of joy to you and your friends. Every time you put on the custom hoodie from your club, it will give you a warm reminder of all the positive experiences you’ve had. Additionally, when you see a friend on the street wearing that same hoodie it will put a smile on your face and spark a great conversation.

Our company has been improving its technology, methods and resources since its inception in 2005, and our philosophy can be expressed in two words: Perfect Print. By carefully building our business with strong ethics, quality and customer service in mind, we’ve been able to create an extremely effective formula that can handle huge orders without sacrificing quality in the least. If you are interested in ordering custom apparel for your entire graduating class, we can handle that order and have it to you in two weeks (provided the order destination is in Canada).

You may be thinking that designing team apparel is a big responsibility and that it will consume a vast amount of time and money, but this is not the case. The whole point of designing custom clothes is that it’s fun and puts smiles on peoples faces – that’s why we do it! You’ll find that the process is not only a breeze, it’s also fulfilling to design your own promotional clothing using our interactive website and working with our dedicated staff. Our rates are extremely competitive and our turnaround is very quick since we do all of the work in-house. If you are inspired at the eleventh hour, chances are we’ll be able to accommodate you in time for graduation day.

Promopays is all about strengthening communities and bringing joy to our clients lives in our modest way. Our company puts ethical and socially responsible behaviour first in terms of day-to-day operations, dealing with clients and best environmental practices. We even started a co-op program that mentors students and introduces them to the realities of running a business. Contact us anytime for more information, our friendly customer service team and online support team is eager to help!

How Your Campus Club Can Look Its Best

Whether you’re managing a fraternity, sorority, or a general interest club on your university’s campus, it’s always more readily apparent that your organization exists and has a voice when it looks the part, as far as clubs go. This is to say, you need to differentiate your club by taking on a unique, yet accessible look. Thinking about it in terms of the branding of a business is, perhaps, quite useful.

Particularly in the upcoming summer months – when many members have gone back home and student life starts to fade away until the return of the fall semester – it’s important to make sure that you know who’s who and that you make an impression on potential members such as freshmen, who are bound to be looking in from the outside, as they test the waters of their new school.

  1. Merchandise And Other Swag For Members

Fraternities and sororities all across North America are, no doubt, known for their ability to be present on campus. That is to say, they visually manifest themselves through logos – everywhere you go, you can easily find the Greek letters representative of a specific organization.

PromoPays is, of course, always poised to help create images for you to proliferate on things like shirts, sweaters, pants, and even jackets – we have a long list of available items that are awaiting your unique brand, beyond the prototypical Greek names. No matter the funding you’ve available, we are the perfect company for a budget-consciousness organization looking to boost its morale. Swag that is used for general, everyday activities, however, is only the beginning of making your campus club alluring to other students.

  1. Theme Nights

Theme nights are a great way to show-off your organization and recruit new members, simply by virtue of looking good and feeling good at an event. Having a distinct uniform for an evening of fun can boost the mood of the night quickly and in a noticeably quirky manner. For instance, if you’re planning a toga party for your sorority, PromoPays has tons of women’s products available for a special outing like this, including customizable sweaters and jackets for when the summer breezes begin make the evening chillier than expected – you ensure that you and your cohort are comfortable, while still bearing your brand at the liveliest event of the summer semester.

  1. Quirky Formals

Although formal gatherings are, of course, known for large gatherings of people toting formalwear like tuxedos and dresses, sometimes it’s best we don’t take things too seriously. In other words, throwing a large party in a lavish space, all the while encouraging members and outsiders, alike, to abide by a dress code made specifically for the event, could be precisely what your club needs to boost its visibility. For example, you could have people, in advance of the event, purchase custom printed t-shirts or polos, or even hoodies they can tote the night of the “formal.” Given the flexibility of PromoPays online Design Studio, you can make the designs as elaborate as you them to be. With this, you’ll have a stress-free event that everyone can feel good about!

Doubtless, participating in organizations and clubs during one’s time in college or university can make for a very positive experience. The question, then, is whether or not you are doing enough work to make your frat, sorority, or other club known to those who have yet to experience its benefits firsthand.

For this reason, you can’t go wrong with custom printed t shirts or other simple, yet effective, types promotional attire. By contacting PromoPays today, you’re making the decision to have a sustainable, long-lasting, and rich experience with your organization.