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Custom Hoodies And Guerilla Branding

The year 2018, everyone is talking about the gig economy, the freelance lifestyle, and the difficulty of getting a small business off the ground without a generous loan from the bank or a benefactor. Many people out there aspire to merge their life philosophy with their craft, to create a business that focuses on attention to detail and community values. It is, however very difficult to feel financially secure going this route, and many people end working for huge corporations that don’t necessarily value their individual spirit.

If you happen to foster aspirations of opening an artisanal bakery that’s also an espresso bar and a record shop, or a yoga studio that’s also an art gallery, we salute you! As a premier source for custom hoodies in Canada, we’ve produced custom sweaters and shirts for hundreds of small businesses with great logos, slogans and promotional info, such as their websites.

In our culture, we tend to stress the importance of promoting yourself online through social media, but at the end of the day, there’s no substitute for having your businesses name and logo on show in your target market in the form of a cool custom tee. If you yourself rep a great shirt that advertises your business, it’s a conversation starter wherever you go: it’s not shameless self-promotion if someone asks you about your shirt.

If you’re looking for high quality/ quantity custom t shirt printing in Canada, we can handle extremely large orders, with each garment coming out perfectly printed and consistent. We’ve spent years dialing in our methods and day to day operations to become Canada’s premier source for custom apparel. If you have an event that you need shirts or hoodies for, our team can accommodate you as long as the order is in more than two weeks before the desired date.

When it comes to actually to getting these shirts and hoodies on people so that your business can get the benefits of circulation and word of mouth, there are plenty of approaches. If you sell shirts in your retail space, that’s a good start, but you might not move that many unless you have a seriously dedicated and loyal clientele. Our prices for large quantity orders are extremely reasonable, so if you write off the bill as an advertising expense, you still won’t be digging too deeply into your budget.

With the idea of giving away a limited number of tees, or including them with the purchase of a product or service, you give people a warm feeling, and also receive the benefits of free advertising. Depending on the target market of your business, you may want to give shirts to people at a local farmer’s market, or a regional festival in the vein of burning man. Whether it’s organic skin products, custom tents or used records you’re selling, figure out where your buyers are and put some shirts on them!

With our online, interactive design studio, you can customize your image to make a really creative, interesting shirt. If the details for promotional content (website, contact info) is small enough to leave room for an eye-catching image or slogan, it may benefit you in the end – in your face advertising turns some people off.

Call us to learn more about how you can promote your business with custom apparel from PromoPays today, you’ll be glad you did!