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Design Your Own Spirit Wear Today!

As we proceed out of fall into winter and the middle of the school year, things can get a bit dreary. The leaves fall off the trees and the grey of November descends. Aside from a brief Christmas break, the end of the school year is nowhere in sight. While high school can be a challenging time for young people, if you find a way to connect with school spirit and those around you, you might just flip from dreading school to getting excited about it. Here at Promopays, we offer screen printing services for custom clothes and often cater to school clubs and student bodies looking to drum up some colourful spirit and celebrate the high school experience. The high school experience lasts for four years, so you might as well embrace it!

While you may be thinking about team uniforms, what we mean by spirit wear is more casual apparel that shows off school pride or celebrates a big event like graduation. If your school sports mascot is a moose, a beaver or a hawk, you can most definitely upload artwork of the beloved school symbol to our design studio and place it wherever you like! If you’re in charge of making shirts for graduation, you may want to use a funny image from a meme everyone loves, or a catchy slogan that rhymes. Whatever you come up with, our design studio and support team is here every day to help make your vision a reality.

Supporting Creativity With Spirit Wear  

Even if it’s not for a special occasion or a particular club, a great idea to ignite creativity in students is to hold a school-wide t-shirt design contest. This will inspire students to nourish their artistic side and simultaneously bolster school pride, creating a more colourful community environment! You could even sell the shirts to parents and friends of the school at events to raise money for afterschool programs or volunteer initiatives. You don’t need a special reason to celebrate your school’s unique identity, so go ahead and seize the day! Ordering custom hoodies in Toronto is easier than you thought, and no matter how large the order, Promopays can accommodate you with our extensive resources and dedicated staff.

Alumni Pride

Planning a class reunion? Up the ante with a surprise shirt to celebrate the occasion! You can coordinate with friends to chip in and design a shirt that references an inside joke from your senior year. This creates a fun, friendly tone right off the bat and donating a custom gift to the party will spread warmth and good cheer amongst your former classmates. No matter how far you’ve gone in your career and family life, there’s something magical about revisiting those teenage years that seem like forever ago. Class reunions can also be a great place to network, so by bolstering a feeling of camaraderie, you may just drum up some extra business.

Promopays specializes in custom t shirt printing in Toronto, but we ship within two weeks of receiving an order, anywhere in Canada. So, wherever you live, and whether you’re starting, finishing or looking back on high school, we hope you’ll consider spirit wear to brighten your classmates’ day.

Autumn Is A Great Season For Fundraisers

With summer slowly slipping away and a faint chill entering the air, it’s time to put away the summer party times and gear up for the crunch of fall and winter. While people in colder climates – such as Toronto, where we are based – tend to hibernate once the weather turns, folks also seek out a good excuse to have a few drinks and blow off some steam. Even better if it’s for a good cause; fall is the best time of year to throw an ambitious charity event, because people don’t tend to take vacation time in October, but the weather’s cheerful enough that they’ll want to get out of the house and do something fun.

At PromoPays, we’ve worked with many high-profile charities, such as the Salvation Army, St Paul’s Community Housing and Sick Kids Hospital to create awesome custom apparel for charity events and fundraisers. Whether you’re trying to raise money or awareness, creating unique hoodies by seeking custom t shirt printing in Toronto is an effective way to brand the event and send people away with a warm souvenir that serves as a reminder – and perhaps a conversation starter – for years going forward. How great is that?

A good way to plan an event is to provide people with lots of entertainment and activities, even if the activities are silly games like Twister or Ski-ball. There are plenty of hip bars in downtown Toronto that combine great event spaces with bowling, ping pong and even arcade style Mario Kart terminals! If your raising money to increase child literacy or help with HIV research, of course, you’ll want to have some people speak about the cause, but ultimately allowing people to mingle, meet each other and have some fun is going to create a lasting impression. Sending everyone home with a loot bag of keychains, coasters and shirts is a good way to spread awareness regarding the issue you’re fundraising for.

Charity sports events are another great way to raise money and awareness while exercising and staying healthy! In September and October, it’s often easier to book a golf course for the day, since the summer crowds have thinned out a bit. We’ve printed loads of custom hoodies in Toronto over the years for sporting events ranging from ultimate frisbee to basketball and even curling! When people team up for a common cause it truly is a beautiful thing to behold. At the end of the day, there are only winners!

The great thing about providing people with shirts that reflect their values and passions – shirts that hopefully look neat too – is that it’s more interesting than generic brand name clothing that doesn’t say anything about you. In certain circumstances, you may want to blend in with everyone else, but most days it feels good to make a statement and rep your cause!

So, when you’re planning a party or charity event this autumn, consider printing custom shirts to mark the occasion. We offer screen printing services across Canada so whether you’re in Halifax, Nova Scotia, or Victoria, BC, we can get quality shirts shipped to you very quickly, at a reasonable price point.

Custom Hoodies And Guerilla Branding

The year 2018, everyone is talking about the gig economy, the freelance lifestyle, and the difficulty of getting a small business off the ground without a generous loan from the bank or a benefactor. Many people out there aspire to merge their life philosophy with their craft, to create a business that focuses on attention to detail and community values. It is, however very difficult to feel financially secure going this route, and many people end working for huge corporations that don’t necessarily value their individual spirit.

If you happen to foster aspirations of opening an artisanal bakery that’s also an espresso bar and a record shop, or a yoga studio that’s also an art gallery, we salute you! As a premier source for custom hoodies in Canada, we’ve produced custom sweaters and shirts for hundreds of small businesses with great logos, slogans and promotional info, such as their websites.

In our culture, we tend to stress the importance of promoting yourself online through social media, but at the end of the day, there’s no substitute for having your businesses name and logo on show in your target market in the form of a cool custom tee. If you yourself rep a great shirt that advertises your business, it’s a conversation starter wherever you go: it’s not shameless self-promotion if someone asks you about your shirt.

If you’re looking for high quality/ quantity custom t shirt printing in Canada, we can handle extremely large orders, with each garment coming out perfectly printed and consistent. We’ve spent years dialing in our methods and day to day operations to become Canada’s premier source for custom apparel. If you have an event that you need shirts or hoodies for, our team can accommodate you as long as the order is in more than two weeks before the desired date.

When it comes to actually to getting these shirts and hoodies on people so that your business can get the benefits of circulation and word of mouth, there are plenty of approaches. If you sell shirts in your retail space, that’s a good start, but you might not move that many unless you have a seriously dedicated and loyal clientele. Our prices for large quantity orders are extremely reasonable, so if you write off the bill as an advertising expense, you still won’t be digging too deeply into your budget.

With the idea of giving away a limited number of tees, or including them with the purchase of a product or service, you give people a warm feeling, and also receive the benefits of free advertising. Depending on the target market of your business, you may want to give shirts to people at a local farmer’s market, or a regional festival in the vein of burning man. Whether it’s organic skin products, custom tents or used records you’re selling, figure out where your buyers are and put some shirts on them!

With our online, interactive design studio, you can customize your image to make a really creative, interesting shirt. If the details for promotional content (website, contact info) is small enough to leave room for an eye-catching image or slogan, it may benefit you in the end – in your face advertising turns some people off.

Call us to learn more about how you can promote your business with custom apparel from PromoPays today, you’ll be glad you did!

Back To School? Show Some Club Pride!

While some people may dread going back to school, a more optimistic outlook would involve looking forward to seeing friends, starting up your yearly extra-curriculars and getting your learn on! While this kind of enthusiasm for school might be seen by some skeptics as “nerdy”, we would argue that those who bring a positive attitude to school bring a positive attitude to life, and thrive in the long term.    

 If you happen to be the type of person who gets excited about going back to school, there’s a decent chance you’re also the type of person who plans ahead. If you’re already thinking about your weekly intramural indoor soccer league at your college gym, why not put an order in for some custom athletic wear so that it’s ready for the first week of school? Perhaps the excitement of a cool new shirt will help those negative naysayers turn their attitudes around!

PromoPays guarantees that your orders will be ready and shipped within two weeks of the placement, so if you can get it in during the last two weeks of August, the jerseys in question should arrive by the time school starts! Intramural soccer is a great way to stay fit in a social setting; often life at university can be overwhelming with constant exams, essays and parties. Make sure you’re getting your exercise, and if possible, do it in style!

If you’re in high school, there are plenty of reasons to order custom hoodies in Toronto as well. If you’re in jazz or marching band, perhaps you want to spice up the club’s image by designing loud, colourful shirts featuring the image of a legendary virtuoso like Herbie Hancock. An experience that we consistently love here at Promopays is when a client lets their imagination run wild and comes up with a really out-there idea for a design. With our cutting-edge equipment and meticulous staff, we’re always up for a challenge and can deliver a faithful version of your vision onto pretty much any garment.

Additionally, since we are equipped to handle large-scale orders, you could potentially order up shirts of sweatshirts for your entire graduating class with everybody’s favourite meme on them. They could celebrate prom, class of 2019, whatever you like! Whether it’s for a club, or the entire school, Promopays will always deliver the highest quality custom print available in Canada.

We really respect the people behind the scenes who go to all the trouble of designing and ordering the shirts and getting the order in. It can sometimes feel like thankless work, so we are always pleased to deliver a top-tier product that will knock everyone’s socks off. We are also extremely hands-on, and although our website allows you to manage every step of the process online if you like, you can always call us or talk to us via the chat window if you want to confirm a specific detail. We want your custom clothing to be exactly as you envision it, so never hesitate to ask.

Because of our dedication to customer service and our obsession with nailing the perfect print, when you need custom sweaters in Canada this school year, Promopays should be at the top of your list.


Celebrate Summer’s End With Custom Clothing

Summer is a great time to explore your hobbies and find like-minded individuals to share your passion with. Here in Canada, where our lives are ruled by the changing of the seasons, summer is an extremely busy time to socialize and bond with friends over shared interests. Whether those interests happen to be more athletic – ultimate Frisbee; beer league – or intellectual – learning a new language; playing chess in the park – people tend to take a bit more time for activities that make them happy in the warmer months. So whether you’ve been embarking on epic canoe trips, playing baseball with your buds, or staying inside with a slew of board games this summer, now is the time to order custom sweaters in Toronto to celebrate your hobby and the season’s end.

In the colder months, it’s common to reminisce about all the fun you had last summer and start to plan for next summer. If you have a custom sweater with a cool custom logo for your Ultimate Frisbee team, you’ll have a memento that will warm your body and your heart. Additionally, people will ask about the unique garment, and you’ll have an opportunity to share stories from your awesome summer. If you collected money from everyone in your Ultimate Frisbee league, you could order custom hoodies for the entire league to bolster a collective pride. It’s a pretty cool feeling when you see someone walking down the street wearing the same custom sweater as you and you automatically high-five. It’s like being in a secret society!

At PromoPays, we’ve built up our resources and facilities over the years, so that we can handle massive orders and have your custom apparel to you in two weeks. Our consistency, customer service, and our unmatched drive to produce great looking custom apparel make us the obvious choice when you want to print custom hoodies in Canada this summer.

Another great reason to get on the custom sweater wagon in time for the end of summer is that you’ll need warm clothes to get you through winter anyway. Why buy a boring, plain hoodie, when you can have something that reflects your unique personality and interests? In the sweatshirt category alone, we have thirty-five different styles to choose from, including collegial athletic styles, fleecy outdoor apparel, and comfy hoodie for lounging around at home. Whatever colour or style you seek, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve browsed through the different styles and determined the look you’re going for, you can also use our online design studio to bring your vision home. We encourage our clients to summon their inner artist and craft a cool design with our intuitive online tools, but we also offer a wide range of standardized designs for every occasion and theme.

Finally, although, our website is designed to walk you through the process from inception to ordering, we also provide hands-on customer service throughout the process. Whether you want to chat online, or call us up, we have representatives who will be there every step of the way to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want – when you call us to place an order for hundreds of hoodies for your summer camp, we want to make sure you’re comfortable and reassured that you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

Design Custom Apparel For Your Scout Troop!

Here in the country of Canada, where we are fortunate enough to live, there is a rich tradition of scouting and outdoor adventure that can be traced all the way back to the early twentieth century! The core values of the scouts, which provide educational and adventuring opportunities for youth between 8 and 26 years old, include duty to other and duty to self. Here at Promo Pays, where we believe in an ethical business model and fair policies for our staff and clients, we certainly support these principles. For this reason, and others, we are proud to supply custom apparel to a wide variety of scout troops across the country.

In our current digital age, with young people spending so much time on their phones and computers, we salute the Scouts organization for getting kids out of their rooms and into the woods. Adventuring in the woods, hiking and canoeing build an appreciation of nature and social and leadership skills, in addition to being just plain fun. The scouts have a policy of inclusion, which means that anyone can participate, regardless of race, cultural or sexual orientation. A canoeing and camping trip with the scouts can be a transformative positive experience, so we’re always happy to lend our skills as t shirt printing experts to create a memorable keepsake of that awesome end of year hike!

While our printing experts can make sure that the shirts or hoodies come out perfectly, we should point out that it is actually you, the client, or the volunteers working with the scouts that actually design the product. You could even enlist the young people themselves to come up with their own design to adorn their custom shirts – when you order custom t shirts for your scout troop that they designed themselves, you will help kindle a spark of creativity and accomplishment that can be worn week-to-week!

In the older scout groups, such as the Venturers (age 15-17), there are even programs that include mountaineering, learning to scuba dive and activities that promote positive environmental practices and raise awareness regarding the widespread threat of climate change. We love to be involved with creativity and leadership initiatives of this nature that promote working together, community engagement and appreciation of nature in an era that is so dominated by technology.

Summer, which is currently kicking into high gear, is prime time for hiking, camping and canoeing. If you are involved with the scouts, keep Promo Pays in mind as a source for custom sweaters in Canada to outfit your troop on colder nights. By August, you may have developed a great design inspired by the summer’s adventures! Since things rapidly cool off when the summer is over, you could get custom hoodies in Toronto that reflect the good times you had in the summer, so you can stay warm and cozy while reminiscing!

At Promo Pays, we believe that life is an adventure and that every day should be lived to the fullest. Whether you need custom apparel for your school club, summer business (painters, landscaping, etc.) or baseball beer league, we are happy to oblige. Adventures are great, but they’re even better when you have a t shirt to remember it!

Look Sharp On The Job: Custom Apparel & Your Business

With summer kicking into high gear here in Toronto, Canada, seasonal entrepreneurs need to capitalize while the going’s good to fill their bank accounts for the long winter on the horizon. Whether you run a small summer business as a side-gig, or work painting houses or landscaping between semesters at university, you know that summer is an extremely busy season for outdoor manual labour. Working jobs that require intense physical labour in the summer can be extremely rewarding: you get to work in the open air, get fit, joke around with friends and tumble into bed bone tired at the end of the day feeling like you really earned your paycheck. These types of jobs can build character and help young people develop a good work ethic and practical skills that will be extremely useful down the road. As one of the leading providers of custom apparel in Canada, we’re proud to have provided services for many seasonal, labour based businesses. By printing custom hoodies and t shirts in Toronto for your independent businesses, you’re fostering professional pride and also promoting your business in a grassroots way by getting your name and logo out into the world!

If you stick to the mindset that your house painting business is just a way to make a couple extra bucks in the summer, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, by taking the time to properly brand your small business and aspiring to expand your customers, your staff and thereby your revenue, you can take steps towards making a living. In our current era, job markets are getting trickier and trickier, however, for detailed manual labour such as landscaping and renovating, there will always be a demand. Enlisting custom screen printing services in Canada and crafting a slick logo for your company could be the first step in a lucrative career as a contractor. The city of Toronto promises to absorb between 100,000 and 200,000 citizens every year for the next several years, so there will be plenty of demand for experienced labourers and contractors.

When you order custom hoodies in Canada from outside of Toronto, of course, we can also have them delivered, as long as the order is placed two weeks before the date you hope to receive them. We’ve done work for large contracting companies like Flynn in the past – a good example of a contracting company operating on a huge scale – and sent our product all across the country, to excellent results and total customer satisfaction.

If you’re worried about creating a design for your company because you’ve never done that kind of thing before, fret not. Our intuitive, easy to use design lab makes it fun to design shirts that your employees and clients will love. With computer technology, making the vision in your head a reality and refining it is easier than ever before, so don’t hire a fancy graphic designer to do the work for you, roll up your sleeves and summon your inner artist!

At Promo Pays, we also produce a tremendous amount of custom varsity team or club shirts for intramural leagues, clothes for charity events, school clubs, graduations, the list goes on and on! So whatever it is that you do, do it in an awesome, custom t-shirt, and show the world what you’re all about!

The Joys Of Beer League Baseball

With summer on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about what’s going to make this year special. Sure, you can hit up some awesome music festivals, do some camping and throw a sweet barbecue, but what can you do on a week-to-week basis that will provide you and your friends with the motivation to get together, have some laughs, catch some sun and drink a couple beers? The answer, dear reader, is beer league baseball.

While it’s hard to tell this early in the season what kind of a year the Blue Jays are going to have, you can take matters into your own hand and put together an unstoppable band of baseball warriors. Well, okay, maybe ‘warriors’ is a strong word, but the point is, a weekly baseball game will give you a greater appreciation for the sport Toronto loves while giving you a chance to goof off with your friends.

Here at PromoPays promotional clothing in the west end of the city, we’ve supplied hundreds of beer leagues with fun, colourful uniforms over the years. We figure, if you’re going to hit the baseball diamond this summer, you might as well do it in style. The beauty of our business is that you – the customer – create the design that goes on the uniforms and we print them for you. Whether you want to do that using your own resources or using the design studio feature on our website is up to you. If you want your team to be the Kensington Kangaroos or the Lansdowne Lions, we salute you, and we’ll be happy to get you the best customized athletic clothing for your team with an incredibly quick turnaround.

If it has just this moment occurred to you to finally fulfill your dream of starting a beer league, fret not! We can have your uniforms ready incredibly fast, without sacrificing quality. Most of our customers have come back again and again over the years, as they’ve extremely pleased with our work. If you check out the Portfolio section of our website, you’ll find that we’ve produced custom apparel for some of the biggest companies in Toronto and Canada at large. For the moment, however, let’s get back to the matter at hand: summertime baseball with your buds.

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you have an almost endless number of public baseball diamonds to choose from. If you’ve ever seen the city overhead from an airplane, then you know – there are baseball diamonds everywhere! The diamonds in Christie Pits, Greenwood Park and Trinity Bellwoods are spectacular, but there’s a lot of competition for this prime real estate, so beware. The city of Toronto has a convenient list for reference on your quest to find the perfect diamond. Even if it’s out of the way and not the most manicured diamond in all the land, it’s about the company and the love of the sport – not to mention your cool new uniforms.

You can peruse our huge selection of products to choose from to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you want. We’ve been around the block a few times and we don’t mess around. PromoPays will make sure that your customer satisfaction is 100% every single time. So get out in the sun and make the most of it; here in Canada, the summers don’t last forever.

Design A Spring Tee For Your Club Or Team!

Here at PromoPays custom apparel, we put a lot of value in the power of creativity. Each member of our staff is encouraged to bring their individuality and personal quirks to work to make our office environment positive, productive and friendly. This emphasis on creativity is a reflection of the product and experience that we provide our customers: we love to see orders with strange and brilliant designs, and we relish the opportunity to print one-of-a-kind T-shirts that will make people do a double take when they pass you in the street.

If you’ve been involved with an extra-curricular club at school this year, such as jazz band, theatrical society or after school ball hockey, it’s probably brought you a lot of joy and helped provide a sense of community and friendship. As the year-end approaches, a great way to celebrate your community and all you’ve accomplished together is to design custom hoodies or tees for everyone involved.

While it may not seem like a big deal, having custom clothes to remember the good times you’ve had – playing music or scoring goals – can actually bring a lot of joy to you and your friends. Every time you put on the custom hoodie from your club, it will give you a warm reminder of all the positive experiences you’ve had. Additionally, when you see a friend on the street wearing that same hoodie it will put a smile on your face and spark a great conversation.

Our company has been improving its technology, methods and resources since its inception in 2005, and our philosophy can be expressed in two words: Perfect Print. By carefully building our business with strong ethics, quality and customer service in mind, we’ve been able to create an extremely effective formula that can handle huge orders without sacrificing quality in the least. If you are interested in ordering custom apparel for your entire graduating class, we can handle that order and have it to you in two weeks (provided the order destination is in Canada).

You may be thinking that designing team apparel is a big responsibility and that it will consume a vast amount of time and money, but this is not the case. The whole point of designing custom clothes is that it’s fun and puts smiles on peoples faces – that’s why we do it! You’ll find that the process is not only a breeze, it’s also fulfilling to design your own promotional clothing using our interactive website and working with our dedicated staff. Our rates are extremely competitive and our turnaround is very quick since we do all of the work in-house. If you are inspired at the eleventh hour, chances are we’ll be able to accommodate you in time for graduation day.

Promopays is all about strengthening communities and bringing joy to our clients lives in our modest way. Our company puts ethical and socially responsible behaviour first in terms of day-to-day operations, dealing with clients and best environmental practices. We even started a co-op program that mentors students and introduces them to the realities of running a business. Contact us anytime for more information, our friendly customer service team and online support team is eager to help!

The Value Of Effectively Branding Your Charity

When creating and sustaining the force and effectiveness of a charity, visibility is a highly relevant factor that people in administrative positions ought to keep in mind; in order for an impact in the world to made, funds must be accumulated. However, this flow of monetary resources can only be consistent so long as people continue to donate and, in turn, remember to donate again. Attracting donors in the first place is a difficult task reliant upon an array of cues that can be deemed attractive and significant by large demographics of people. First and foremost, this typically appears on visual registers: people must literally be able to see that you are a part of a distinct nonprofit organization.

In other words, branding is integral to the livelihood of a charity or similarly beneficent organization and, therefore, there are a number of benefits to strategically keeping your nonprofit afloat by way of strategic marketing. The following will briefly outline exactly what this value is and how to set out a few feasible goals.

Visibility Means Being Eye-Catching For The Public

The general public is always in a rush and, in this way, potential donors are primarily going to be reluctant, especially if they can’t immediately get a feel for who you are and what you or your employees represent. A catchy logo or uniform, then, is absolutely called for. Take, for example, the unmissable branded smocks worn by representatives (namely, street canvassers) of organizations like Because I am A Girl, which attempts to advance equality for girls around the world through monetary support – they are, undoubtedly, one of the most recognizable charities via their distinct blue and pink colour scheme, as well as their use of distinguished fonts and a tasteful, yet succinct logo design. With an example of this caliber it is, indeed, important to maintain a consistent brand identity, and this is done primarily through imagery and colour.

With this in mind, it’s necessary to seek out the services of talented and reputable apparel providers; with PromoPays and the manifold products offered, you’re guaranteed clothing for your nonprofit that can not only take quite a bit of wear and tear, but also look good and indistinct while serving to expand your brand – our designs are screen printed, which means they are meant to last and look as brilliant as the day your charity received them for years to come. This means the charitable services you offer will stand out to the public’s discerning eye.

Clothing And Uniforms Are Signposts For The Public

Beyond visibility alone is the question of what is being made visible – once you’ve caught the eye of the public with a cutting-edge t-shirt design with a unique colour scheme, branding only unfolds from there. This is where logos come in handy. Style is, of course, one of many ways by which we can demonstrate some idea of expressiveness. By wearing vibrant outfits, for example, you may be trying to say that you are colourful person with a charming disposition. Not only does one’s clothing or look have the capacity to speak volumes about an individual’s personality, these items will say a great deal about organizations as a whole, simply through the uniforms they employ. On a more general level, it’s often forgotten that having an aesthetic edge or sense of taste shows that you care about how your nonprofit is perceived by the world at large. In addition to being immediately eye-catching, your organization’s design choices must be able to appropriately show itself off in a professional manner.

With this in mind, there’s no reason to avoid elaborate and imagistic clothing. Looking professional, indeed, means using cutting-edge logo designs and, luckily, doing so is easy, affordable, and long-lasting – you can, for instance, check out our most popular products and, without fail, find the reassurance you’re no doubt looking for.

Additionally, by making use of your own creative ideas, alongside our online Design Studio, you can create the ideal – and very much unique – logo for your nonprofit, one that will be distributed and shared across multiple platforms.

You can think of PromoPays, then, as a service that offers the tools needed for effective marketing. In any case, if you’re still debating whether or not you should make use of an online retailer to build your brand, as opposed to something more familiar, it’s helpful to consult testimonials from past customers and the various reviews that are, no doubt, accessible to you within a few clicks.

No matter your choice, it’s important that you keep in mind the value of branding if your charity and/or nonprofit is to stay afloat in this highly-competitive, but nevertheless, benevolent industry.