Look Sharp On The Job: Custom Apparel & Your Business

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With summer kicking into high gear here in Toronto, Canada, seasonal entrepreneurs need to capitalize while the going’s good to fill their bank accounts for the long winter on the horizon. Whether you run a small summer business as a side-gig, or work painting houses or landscaping between semesters at university, you know that summer is an extremely busy season for outdoor manual labour. Working jobs that require intense physical labour in the summer can be extremely rewarding: you get to work in the open air, get fit, joke around with friends and tumble into bed bone tired at the end of the day feeling like you really earned your paycheck. These types of jobs can build character and help young people develop a good work ethic and practical skills that will be extremely useful down the road. As one of the leading providers of custom apparel in Canada, we’re proud to have provided services for many seasonal, labour based businesses. By printing custom hoodies and t shirts in Toronto for your independent businesses, you’re fostering professional pride and also promoting your business in a grassroots way by getting your name and logo out into the world!

If you stick to the mindset that your house painting business is just a way to make a couple extra bucks in the summer, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, by taking the time to properly brand your small business and aspiring to expand your customers, your staff and thereby your revenue, you can take steps towards making a living. In our current era, job markets are getting trickier and trickier, however, for detailed manual labour such as landscaping and renovating, there will always be a demand. Enlisting custom screen printing services in Canada and crafting a slick logo for your company could be the first step in a lucrative career as a contractor. The city of Toronto promises to absorb between 100,000 and 200,000 citizens every year for the next several years, so there will be plenty of demand for experienced labourers and contractors.

When you order custom hoodies in Canadafrom outside of Toronto, of course, we can also have them delivered, as long as the order is placed two weeks before the date you hope to receive them. We’ve done work for large contracting companies like Flynn in the past – a good example of a contracting company operating on a huge scale – and sent our product all across the country, to excellent results and total customer satisfaction.

If you’re worried about creating a design for your company because you’ve never done that kind of thing before, fret not. Our intuitive, easy to use design lab makes it fun to design shirts that your employees and clients will love. With computer technology, making the vision in your head a reality and refining it is easier than ever before, so don’t hire a fancy graphic designer to do the work for you, roll up your sleeves and summon your inner artist!

At Promo Pays, we also produce a tremendous amount of custom varsity team or club shirts for intramural leagues, clothes for charity events, school clubs, graduations, the list goes on and on! So whatever it is that you do, do it in an awesome, custom t-shirt, and show the world what you’re all about!

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